Winery weddings are, for the most part, dreamy. There is probably nothing more romantic than a photograph of a bride and groom between blossoms. Of course, the shot is most captivating when taken by a professional wedding photographer. Vineyard weddings have become a trend in recent times. Hence it is befitting to know more about it.

Right in the heart of the Okanagan valley, the city of Kelowna sits proudly as a place to behold. Foothills and mountains, sandy beaches and the beautiful Okanagan Lake, blossoms, vineyards, and a desirable climate sum up a dream city for anyone and any event. Kelowna wedding photographers have particularly become sought after as many couples now seek to tie the knot in this place.

This outdoor setting confers several advantages over other traditional forms of weddings, and we will look at why more and more people now have winery weddings in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Why People Prefer Having Their Weddings at a Winery?

  • Amazing photos: This has to come to the top of the list for several reasons. You get endless backdrops for a captivating photo. If you are a picture or social media lover, then a Kelowna wedding photographer is probably the first person that you want to hire. Holding hands while seeing the landscape, playing with some blossoms, a walk through the vineyard, etc. think of the several picture-perfect moments that a Kelowna wedding photographer can help you get.
  • Premium bar services: It is a winery, so expect your guests to be given a treat for a long list of several local and exotic wines. There is always the opportunity for wine tasting as well.
  • Space: There is nothing more annoying than an overcrowded space. However, with a winery wedding, it is different. You and your guests have enough room to enjoy your day, whether indoors or outdoors. Ample space gives a completely new feel to your wedding’s settings, allowing you to celebrate in style.
  • Transport is not a problem: With winery weddings, you avoid all the delays and issues of a destination wedding. There is no need for passports or any other travelling process that could result in a delay. You would want your guests to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Easy accommodation: After the best wedding photographers in Kelowna have made your day, and it is time to sit back, relax, and revel in those pictures. You or your guests could even start your vacation from the event. Hence, good accommodation is priceless. Most wineries usually have very good hotels and lodging.
  • One location: You can have your ceremony and reception both at the winery with stunning settings for both of them. Rather than moving from one location to another, winery weddings help to save time, energy, and stress.
  • Wet weather back up: Even if the heavens decide to pour on your wedding day, most wineries help you to avoid this potentially mood-ruining situation with several backups in place for you.

How to Dress For a Winery?

Your outfit comes before the scene for your big day. The best wedding photographers in Kelowna would be interested in highlighting your gorgeous outfit. On average, most winery weddings are between semi-formal and casual, so the dressing usually follows suit. However, there is no exact hard and fast rule on what to wear.

A good thing about winery weddings is that they can be shaped into any style. Therefore, a simple line on the dress code and colours of the day for guests would do. For the couple, take into consideration, the season. Use light flowery outfits for the summer, and only the bride should be wearing white.

Recommended Wineries Wedding Venues

There are hundreds of wineries in the Okanagan Valley. However, for the most memorable experience, we recommend any of the following wineries below:

  • Summerhill Pyramid Winery: The number one on our list, it is the most visited winery in the whole of British Columbia. The historic winery has won several awards and certifications, effectively upholding its place as the top winery in Okanagan. Do you want to know what the world literally feels like? The giant globe at the centre of the winery, the scenic water fountains, sculpted cultural images, the landscape, and its organic coverage leave this place as a striking spot for a Kelowna wedding photographer to shoot from.
  • Painted Rock Estate Winery: One of the highly sought after wedding venues, the Painted Rock Estate Winery really sets the tone for a grand, yet simple wedding. From its hilly position, you get a picturesque view of the Skaha Lake and several vineyards. It is no surprise that its milieu is one that Kelowna wedding photographers and clients alike are eager to get those Instagram perfect pictures here. Try booking as early as possible to get this place.
  • 50th Parallel Estate Winery: This venue boasts a competent team of event planners for your wedding. A sparkling new event centre, a Winery Tank Hall, The Infinity Event Pad, and Gravity Lounge all constitute guarantee maximum experience for both couples and their loved ones alike. Transport is not a problem as this estate is within 15 minutes’ drive from the Kelowna airport. Most importantly, the scene is breath-taking. A massive 61-acre land just next to the Lake Okanagan with all forms of organic plants makes it a perfect place for your wedding. Only the best wedding photographers in Kelowna can take advantage of this view for your pictures and videos.
  • Cedar Creek Estate Winery: Apart from the large repertoire of wines that you would encounter here, the Australian-themed event centres and Arthur Hamblin Gallery make this a great wedding spot. The Winery has three wedding venues; the chapel just beside the lake for the modern bride, the garden arbour with beautiful grounds, and the reception venue, which can accommodate over a hundred guests. Of course, pictures represent the major tangible memory of a wedding and the beautiful backdrop, the tree-lined driveway, the majestic vineyard, and the lake sum up a day to always remember. A Kelowna wedding photographer, therefore, is perfect for this treat.

Kelowna Wedding Photographer Prices

There is no central market or fixed amount for Kelowna wedding photographer prices. The prices depend on the number of hours covered and the engagement session. The more the hours, the higher the prices. This ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Our Kelowna wedding photographers are competitive and reasonably priced, and we have different packages from which you could choose. However, whatever you go with, know that it is definitely worth the price on your special day.

A Place to Go

The Okanagan valley has more than just wineries. Going to British Columbia, Kelowna, in particular, gives you the chance to explore brilliant views while enjoying the luxury. The local cuisine, outdoor features such as the lake, and several pieces of art make the valley a place to go to.

For your weddings, engagements, family ceremonies, and other related events do not hesitate to call Kreative Beginnings Photography as your Kelowna wedding photographer. Almost a decade experience, along with several customer testimonies and reviews, guarantees that you would be glad you called. Reach out to us now!