You may be wondering what exactly first look photos are. A first look is a separate time when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Typically the groom faces photographer while the bride comes up behind him. She taps him on the shoulder, and when he turns around they get to have a very special moment of seeing one another for the first time. After spending a little time together, they carry on with the photographer to do the bridal photos.

While it deviates from the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony, the first look photos do have some benefits. Here are four reasons why first look photos are recommended.

1. Intimate and Private
The first look makes the special moment of seeing one another for the first time more intimate and private without having a crowd watching. Couples can be more expressive and emotional within this setting and really get to experience each other instead of having to stand up stiffly on stage. You get to actually talk and touch.

2. Less Pre-Ceremony Stress

The apprehension and anxiety before the wedding ceremony can be diffused by the first look photos. It’s a wonderful moment for you and your groom to connect and reassure one another before the big event. And don’t worry; even after seeing the bride prior, the groom will still be just as excited to see you coming down the aisle.

3. No In Between Gap

Because the bridal photos are done before the ceremony, after the first look, you can flow straight from the ceremony to your reception with no long break in between. Guests do not have to wait as long or find something else to do. As the bridal couple, you’re free to enjoy the cocktail hour (and actually eat) if you’re having one or simply mingle and greet guests.

4. More Time

Typically the bridal photos are squeezed in between the ceremony and reception which creates a time constraint on both ends of the photo shoot. Having the bridal photos done before the ceremony, after the first look, eliminates this pressure. Instead of rushing to get them done in time, you can start the photos as early as you’d like and take all the time you need.

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Kreative Beginnings Photography is happy to work with you to capture your wedding day in the best way possible for you. Kristine’s style is candid, and she tells your story through her photographs which fits well for this type of moment. Please use the contact option to get in touch and plan having your wedding photographed.

Posted written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits