What to Expect From Your Wedding Photographer

When a couple chooses to get married in the Okanagan it may feel like there are a million different decisions to make, but one of the most important decisions is which Kelowna wedding photographer will capture their special day. There are no shortage of options for photography in the Kelowna area, so it’s important for a bride and groom to understand what to look for in a wedding photographer.

The most important place for couples to begin is to review the portfolios of the photographers they are considering. The photographer should have a wide variety of photos and examples from previous weddings they’ve captured. It’s important that the couple consider themselves in similar locations, poses, and lighting, as the portfolio will be indicative of that Kelowna wedding photographer’s unique style. The portfolio is the photographer’s resume, and the bride and groom should treat it as such, finding a style they like before contacting them.

Other factors to consider are rates and what the bride and groom will get for their money. Are they hiring a photographer just for the day-of? Just for the ceremony? What about photographing the reception? Are multiple locations included in the price? These are all important questions a couple need to ask of their Kelowna wedding photographer. Many couples, in choosing a photographer, will pick someone whose style they admire to shoot not only the ceremony and day-of, but to do their engagement photos, and first look photos as well. Many couples then use those photos as creative collateral for their reception or invites, for example.

Other things to consider are the type and number of cameras the photographer uses, whether or not they have an assistant, and whether or not they do in-house photo editing. The editing is crucial for many brides — they will want to know whether it includes touching up of blemishes, adding atmosphere, or just resizing and exporting for print. In addition, if the photographer has an assistant or a second camera, this will enable them to get different angles throughout the day, or candid shots that are less formal than those that the main photographer is taking. Some Kelowna wedding photographers even do videography, so a bride and groom should inquire as to whether this is included in the shoot. These tactics can capture some of the extra special moments that a single shooter may potentially miss.

Speaking of print, Okanagan wedding photography is best showcased in a frame, so couples will want to ask their photog about printing services. Most wedding photographers either have a printer they typically work with to develop the photos, or can recommend one if the couple wants custom prints. The output is important for the couple to consider; considerations include what format they want the photos in (a USB, for example, a digital file, or hard copies), which prints they will get, of what shots, and how many of each.

All-in-all, there is no shortage of qualified photographers in the area, but few will be experienced enough to offer everything that a couple is looking for. These important questions will help the future Mr. and Mrs. determine the right person to memorialize their wedding day.

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