Recommended Kelowna and Okanagan Wedding Vendors

Kelowna Wedding Vendors

There are infinite options when it comes to wedding planning, and it is not any different in Kelowna and every other place in the Okanagan valley. Thus, there is a long list of wedding vendors all over. However, this necessitates the need to select only the best wedding vendors, who would be able to deliver premium quality services to you.

Nothing beats getting the exact quality that you are after. Therefore, getting a beautiful wedding free of any worries is a priceless thing you would not want to miss. To help you out, I have created a list of the most competent vendors that I can recommend to you. I think you would love them too.

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See Ya Later Ranch

This ranch has the finest VQA wines. More so, its setting is every bit beautiful with surrounding vineyards and lakes. The views you get at the Hawthorne mountain is indescribable. The winery is pet-friendly, and there are a lot of activities to engage in at the rustic setting. You can accommodate between 60 to 175 guests.

See Ya Later Ranch truly leaves you with a century of stories. It is ideal for all wedding-related activities, and packages are depending on your budget. Their cuisines feature premium wines, cocktails, buffets, plated service, and much more. I found all services at See Ya Later Ranch top notch.

Laurel Packing House

Laurel Packing House would always remain the oldest and largest packing house in the whole of BC. It has built a name for itself through sheer consistency and brilliance. Laurel Packing House has won The Best Wedding Venue in the last two years, and it is hardly surprising.

The Kelowna museums and gift shop are great places for you to spend quality time with your loved ones. At Laurel Packing House, you can create whatever magic you want. More so, the customer service is friendly.

The Cove Lakeside Resort

If you love to have your space to yourselves, then The Cove Lakeside Resort is a great idea for you. The resort has hundred luxury suites interspersed across the beautiful gardens.

The furnishings in Cove Lakeside Resort are exceptional. You would find a warm ambience, welcoming you to expansive balconies, five-piece gourmet kitchens, and cosy bedrooms with premium features. What we loved the most about the place was that everything was neat and well taken care of. This has highlighted their excellence as a resort.

Sanctuary Gardens

Sanctuary Gardens is more of a private setting. All the activities at this venue revolve around love. The bay area is scenic. Kirstin has been able to project her passion for the whole world to see effectively.

Sanctuary Gardens has many picturesque vignettes and backdrops of the lake and mountain views. The Gazebo and the Rose room are its two venues, and they are perfect for every weather. Kirstin really created a loving sanctuary in Sanctuary Gardens.

50th Parallel Estate

This venue catches your attention the first sight. 50th Parallel Estate spots a glistening, newly constructed events centre. It also has a large Winery Tank Hall, Gravity Lounge, and an Infinity Event Pad for couples and their families.

50th Parallel is close to Kelowna airport, so I found it very accessible. Just beside Lake Okanagan, it has a 61-acre land for different floral species.

Harvest Golf Club

Do you prefer a golf setting for your wedding? You can check out the golf shop or just treat yourself to the Masa’s grill. Either way, you are sure to get a treat. There are different packages for your special day. The setting can accommodate as many as 160 guests.

With the Harvest Golf Club‘s beautiful orchard and water features, it is easy to see why it has remained one of the Okanagan’s premiere wedding venues. The banquet menu is something you would want to try out there.


Eldorado is Kelowna BC’s number one lakeside resort. It combines the old world values with contemporary European finesse. If you are looking to have a fairytale wedding, then Eldorado is right for you. The views and landscape are spectacular, and almost any place would serve as a great backdrop for your photos.

Guests who come to Eldorado fall in love over and over again. Described as Kelowna’s hidden gem, Eldorado is truly a destination wedding special for lovers who would love to experience some old English charm.

Linden Gardens

South Okanagan has a lush 9-acre oasis, called Linden Gardens. Depending on your guest capacity or preferences, you might opt for the Rose garden, Frog city cafe, upper lawn, or lower lawn.

Linden Gardens collaborates with wedding planners to give you the best garden wedding. Whether it is the décor, music, or food, there is always something special for everyone. Linden Gardens has a wedding brochure, which provides everything you need to decide how you want your wedding.

Summerland Waterfront Resort

Summerland Waterfront Resort is a one-stop wedding shop. It has a customized feel with several packages for couples. The resort and spa have environmentally friendly principles on which it operates. The suites, pool, dinners, are all top-notch, and you can have any wedding style at your preferred venue.

The ballroom, beachfront lawn, and the barbeque area all serve as great venues for you and your loved one. Other Summerland Waterfront Resort services include wedding vendor consults and wedding planning collaborations.


Day by Knight Events

Day by Knight Events is very engaging with their customers. They take out their time to know everything about the couple, their tastes, values, and preferences. They offer consultation services, serve as wedding coordinators, and offer partial or full wedding planning services.

Day by Knight is mobile, and the wedding planning brand can travel to any destination for your wedding. Working with Kayla was fun, and she made everything look so easy. Day by Knight Events is always keen on surpassing your expectations. You could hardly have a better wedding planner.

Dream Big Weddings

Dream Big Weddings and Events is a renowned wedding planner in the Okanagan. They have been helping big dreams come true since 2013. What people notice about Dream Big Weddings is that they tell your wedding story the exact way it happens, taking the tiniest details.

Planning is fun with Dreams big weddings. They take care of your accommodation, transportation, catering, and virtually all the other logistics involved. There are different packages to accommodate anyone who dares to dream big.


Having had first-hand experience in the venues and with the wedding vendors highlighted above, I am more than happy to recommend any of them to you.