I am so happy to have met Terrie and to be able to do this photo shoot for her. Read her inspiring story below…

‘I am a 57 years old, retired from a high stress job two years ago and moved here from the Vancouver Island to the beautiful Okanagan, my Dream Retirement Place.  Having come off of a very stressful job, and now living in a nice home, relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors, I was expecting to begin to feel better. But, I was not feeling better, even after one year of living here. In fact, I was feeling worse and could not figure out why. I was gaining weight even though I was eating healthy and being more active. I was diagnosed as having low iron levels and began to take mega-iron, but this was not helping with my overall wellness. It took a naturopath to diagnose me as having Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue and very low progesterone. My naturopath also recommended that I supplement my meal plan with more protein and suggested that I drink protein shakes as a meal replacement. I found Almased protein powder, which was recommended to me by my naturopath,  to be the most delicious protein powder of the several that I tried,  and knowing that it is Non-GMO , contains the right amount of protein for me, along with soy, honey, yogurt and many valuable nutrients, I began my path to wellness.  I weighed in at 188 pounds on March 15 2015, the day I started on my path to wellness, and on the day of the photo shoot with Kristine, July 23 2015, I weighed in at 153 pounds!  I was thrilled when Kristine called me to let me know that Almased had contacted her to take photos of the New Me! Thanks to Almased I feel fabulous! And, many thanks to Kristine who was able to capture my renewed happiness and wellness in her amazing photography!  I feel great and look forward to my next photo session with Kristine. Thank you, Kristine for having an excellent ‘eye’ and taking such pretty pictures. They inspire me to keep going!’


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