After the joy of getting engaged, picking a date and choosing the venue are the first and largest choices to make. Despite the excitement, these are not decisions meant to be rushed. Take your time and talk together as a couple to figure out what you truly want. To help make the process as easy as possible, here are some tips for choosing your wedding venue.

Start by deciding on an indoor or outdoor wedding venue. From there you can decide on a hotel, barn, gallery, reception hall, garden, winery, orchard, and so on to fit with your vision. Think about what you want the view to be of. Decide on a colour palette or theme if you’re interested in that. Perhaps you just want to inject your personal styles into the decor. Certain places will suit these choices better than others. You can weed out many locations that just don’t fit right away and save the time and energy of visiting a long list of venues.

Yes, you’re wedding day is about you, but it’s almost as important to consider your guests. Ensure the wedding venue is large enough to accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited. Don’t forget about the food, tables and chairs, decor, band or DJ, dance floor, and so on that will have to fit as well. Is there enough parking available? Also consider any elderly guests, those with disabilities, or young children in attendance. Will the venue be suitable for everyone and their particular needs?

Here in the Okanagan we are blessed with an abundance of classy locations and gorgeous landscapes.  There is something for everyone. Some of my favourite locations include:

Hotel Eldorado – for an elegant, classic, bright indoor venue in Kelowna
Silver Sage Stables – for a romantic, barn-like venue in Coldstream
Gatzke Ochards – for a rustic, outdoorsy, and sustainable venue in Lake Country
Painted Rock Estate Winery – for a modern, chic, and classy venue in Penticton
Sanctuary Gardens – for an intimate gazebo with gardens and lake view in West Kelowna

Posted written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits