While you may be spending time planning and getting ready for your proposal, your soon-to-be fiancee likely has no idea what’s coming. This is part of why proposals feel as though they begin and end in a moment. Which is unfortunate since this is one of the most exciting moments of your relationship thus far. Here are three reasons why you should photograph your proposal.

  1. For Your Fiancee
    A proposal usually comes as at least somewhat of a surprise. Even if your girlfriend or boyfriend suspects it may be on the horizon, they don’t know the exact time or place. Because it’s so unexpected, this makes it harder to remember what happened later. The ability to look at that momentous occasion – your expressions, the setting – and relive those feelings again and again is such a special gift to your fiancee.
  1. For Family and Friends
    Proposals are typically a private affair. Have your intimate moment with just the two of you, and then celebrate afterward with loved ones. You can still include family and friends by showing photos of the engagement. It’s a fun and meaningful way to share this special event with those people close to you. Also, it adds to the celebration of your relationship and this new chapter of your life together as a couple.
  1. For the Future
    A proposal is a huge milestone in any relationship and thus one that deserves to be immortalized.  With beautiful photos of the proposal, you will have something to look back on through the years as your relationship continues to grow and change. What a cool opportunity to be able to show your future children this meaningful time as well.

Kreative Beginnings Photography is happy to capture your proposal so you can look back and remember for years to come. Kristine’s style is candid, and she tells your story through her photographs which fits perfectly for this type of moment. Please contact her to get in touch and plan having your proposal photographed.

Posted written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits