Alex & Nev traveled out from Burnaby to meet me and have an engagement photo session. I always love meeting my couples for a session before the wedding. It’s the perfect opportunity for both the couple and I to see what working together will be like on the wedding day. It also provides a snapshot of what your wedding photos will look like.

We met at Bertram Creek Park and took photos all over the park, down by the lake and up on the cliffs. We had the perfect weather for photos, an overcast day with some moody clouds and… no rain. I loved capturing the sweet love and happiness between these two. I am excited to photograph their wedding next year at the Linden Gardens in Kaledon.

Couple hugging by the lake alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-5 Engaged couple walking along the beach alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-7 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-8 engaged couple holding each other in their arms Engaged couple in Kelowna BC Man and woman standing on a cliff looking out alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-12 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-13 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-14 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-15 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-16 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-17 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-18 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-19 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-20 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-21 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-22 alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-23alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-1alex-nev-by-kreative-beginnings-photography-2