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I’m Engaged, Now What? A Wedding Checklist

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s an exciting time, so don’t let the stress of wedding planning bring you down. Here’s a checklist to keep you on the right track and ensure you have the wedding day you’re envisioning.

10-12 Months Away

  • Set your budget
  • Decide on your wedding party and ask them
  • Brainstorm – find inspiration on Pinterest or wedding websites
  • Draw up a first draft of the guest list
  • Find your wedding dress
  • Book your:
    • photographer
    • venue
    • caterer
    • DJ or band of your choice

6-9 Months Away

  • Find an officiant
  • Send out save-the-dates
  • Choose a florist and discuss ideas
  • Sample cakes and choose one
  • Create a gift registry
  • Book your wedding stylist

3-5 Months Away

  • Book rentals such as tables, glassware, or decor
  • Order wedding favours
  • Shop for the groom’s formal wear
  • Purchase wedding rings
  • Finalize:
    • Guest list
    • Invitations
    • Ceremony and vows
    • Menu
  • Send out the invitations
  • Book hair and make up appointments

1-2 Months Away

  • Schedule dress fittings
  • Apply for your marriage license
  • Have final dress fitting

1-3 Weeks Away

  • Provide venue and caterer with final guest count
  • Arrange seating
  • Pick up your dress and bring it home

The Day Before

  • Pack any wedding day necessities
  • Ensure all payments have been made or are ready to give the day of
  • Give the officiant your marriage license
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner

The Day Of

  • Relax as best you can and enjoy your day

Post written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits

Penticton wedding photographer

Why I Recommend First Look Photos

You may be wondering what exactly first look photos are. A first look is a separate time when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Typically the groom faces photographer while the bride comes up behind him. She taps him on the shoulder, and when he turns around they get to have a very special moment of seeing one another for the first time. After spending a little time together, they carry on with the photographer to do the bridal photos.

While it deviates from the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony, the first look photos do have some benefits. Here are four reasons why first look photos are recommended.

1. Intimate and Private
The first look makes the special moment of seeing one another for the first time more intimate and private without having a crowd watching. Couples can be more expressive and emotional within this setting and really get to experience each other instead of having to stand up stiffly on stage. You get to actually talk and touch.

2. Less Pre-Ceremony Stress

The apprehension and anxiety before the wedding ceremony can be diffused by the first look photos. It’s a wonderful moment for you and your groom to connect and reassure one another before the big event. And don’t worry; even after seeing the bride prior, the groom will still be just as excited to see you coming down the aisle.

3. No In Between Gap

Because the bridal photos are done before the ceremony, after the first look, you can flow straight from the ceremony to your reception with no long break in between. Guests do not have to wait as long or find something else to do. As the bridal couple, you’re free to enjoy the cocktail hour (and actually eat) if you’re having one or simply mingle and greet guests.

4. More Time

Typically the bridal photos are squeezed in between the ceremony and reception which creates a time constraint on both ends of the photo shoot. Having the bridal photos done before the ceremony, after the first look, eliminates this pressure. Instead of rushing to get them done in time, you can start the photos as early as you’d like and take all the time you need.

Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0839

Kreative Beginnings Photography is happy to work with you to capture your wedding day in the best way possible for you. Kristine’s style is candid, and she tells your story through her photographs which fits well for this type of moment. Please use the contact option to get in touch and plan having your wedding photographed.

Posted written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits

Salmon Arm Wedding

5 Reasons to Use Wedding Rentals

As you plan your wedding the list of things you need is surely growing. Common items include tables, tablecloths, napkins, chairs, plates, forks, knives, and glassware. Additionally you may want table number stands, beverage dispensers, lighting, tents, heaters, and more. You have to decide if you want to buy or rent all these different items, and there are pros and cons to each choice depending on what you’re looking for. Here are five reasons to use wedding rentals.

  1. Better Style and Variety
    When you work with a rental company, you have access to a huge selection of items in all sorts of different styles and themes. This can make a big impact on your wedding especially with regard to decor. Your wedding and the photos will look especially beautiful with coordinating colours and design.
  2. More Efficient
    Instead of shopping around at a multitude of different stores to find what you’re looking for, a rental company will have most everything you need. You can browse all the options offered in one location and in just one or two visits. This is a much more efficient use of your time and energy.
  3. Storage Included
    If you choose to purchase the items for your wedding you will need to store them somewhere beforehand. You will also have to decide where to keep them or what to do with them after the event is over. With a rental company, they store everything for you before and after your wedding.
  4. Washed and Cleaned
    Items purchased may need to be washed before the event. Tablecloths, dishes, glassware, and so on will absolutely have to be cleaned after the event. This is a time-consuming job. When renting from a company, your items arrive freshly cleaned and oftentimes can even be returned dirty as well.
  5. Uniqueness
    When renting you have access to more unique items that you can incorporate in your wedding which wouldn’t normally be an option to purchase. Some fun ideas include a cotton candy maker, photo booth, popcorn machine, or outdoor game. Rental companies also have different and beautiful decor options.

In the Okanagan area, Vintage Origami stylist and wedding decorating is a fantastic choice for wedding rentals. She has beautiful items to suit all themes and an incredible eye for design to bring them all together. Vintage Origami is also environmentally conscious, working to reuse, recycle, and revamp wherever possible. There are packages available to take you through all different parts of the process – styling, delivery, decorating, and clean up – so your special day can be worry-free.

Post written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits

10 Tips on What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Being engaged is an exciting time in a couple’s journey having made a commitment to one another and now planning out your big day. It’s a wonderful time to capture, and these photos can be used for save the dates or included in wedding invitations as well. Because this is such a big occasion, you naturally want to look your best. Here are the top ten tips on what to wear for engagement photos to ensure that you do.

1. Coordinate your outfits instead of matching exactly. Wear colours that complement each other. Ensure you are either equally casual or formal.

2. Between the two of you strike a balance of pattern to solid and colour to neutral. If one is dressed in a really bold pattern or colour then the other should be more subdued.

3. Match your clothing to the photo shoot location. You can play up a theme that suits your interests or matches the upcoming wedding theme.

Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0758

4. Incorporate your personal fashion style by including a unique piece of clothing or accessory.

5. If you’re wearing solids or neutrals, you can add texture and interest through layers or fun accessories.

6. Wear one outfit and bring another to change into partway through. Perhaps have one dressy and one casual outfit.

7. If either of you are getting a haircut, be sure to schedule it at least 2 weeks prior to the photo shoot. This will allow time for it to grow in and you to get used to styling it.

Summerland engagement photos

8. Be stylish yet still practical for your surroundings to ensure you can move around and get into all the poses you want. Consider dress or skirt length and footwear especially.

9. A fun option is to wear what will be your wedding colours. This is especially great if you’re using these photos for your save the dates or invitations.

10. Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. This will shine through the most in photos making you look radiant.

Gellatly Nut Farm, West Kelowna

Implement these tips before your engagement session, and then Kristine will ensure the lighting and angles are great and you’re posed in flattering ways at the photo shoot. With everyone working together your engagement photos will turn out beautifully.

Browse through Kristine’s engagement portfolio. Then you can contact her to book your engagement photo session.

Posted written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits

The wedding proposal, Kelowna

Capturing the Proposal

While you may be spending time planning and getting ready for your proposal, your soon-to-be fiancee likely has no idea what’s coming. This is part of why proposals feel as though they begin and end in a moment. Which is unfortunate since this is one of the most exciting moments of your relationship thus far. Here are three reasons why you should photograph your proposal.

  1. For Your Fiancee
    A proposal usually comes as at least somewhat of a surprise. Even if your girlfriend or boyfriend suspects it may be on the horizon, they don’t know the exact time or place. Because it’s so unexpected, this makes it harder to remember what happened later. The ability to look at that momentous occasion – your expressions, the setting – and relive those feelings again and again is such a special gift to your fiancee.
  1. For Family and Friends
    Proposals are typically a private affair. Have your intimate moment with just the two of you, and then celebrate afterward with loved ones. You can still include family and friends by showing photos of the engagement. It’s a fun and meaningful way to share this special event with those people close to you. Also, it adds to the celebration of your relationship and this new chapter of your life together as a couple.
  1. For the Future
    A proposal is a huge milestone in any relationship and thus one that deserves to be immortalized.  With beautiful photos of the proposal, you will have something to look back on through the years as your relationship continues to grow and change. What a cool opportunity to be able to show your future children this meaningful time as well.

Kreative Beginnings Photography is happy to capture your proposal so you can look back and remember for years to come. Kristine’s style is candid, and she tells your story through her photographs which fits perfectly for this type of moment. Please contact her to get in touch and plan having your proposal photographed.

Posted written by Grace Furman, owner/writer of Heartful Habits