Time for Brad & Grace’s yearly photo shoot again, I love being able to photograph the same clients year after year 🙂

This time I suggested a place a little different from what we had used in the past, Summerhill Winery. This location is full of variety, from tee-pees & historic buildings to beautiful draping willow trees and vineyards. Ending our session, I decided it would be amazing to stop in at the cherry orchard next door for a few extra photos. These were probably my favorite photos. See below a bit of our session together.

Summerhill Winery Photos Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0734 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0735
Summerhill Winery Engagement Photography Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0740 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0741 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0742 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0743 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0744 Summerhill Winery Photography Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0746 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0747 Brad & Grace Kelowna family photos Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0749 Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0750 Brad & Grace Kelowna family fall photos Kelowna Wedding Photographer_0752 Brad & Grace Kelowna family photos